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Gitpages allows you to create professional landing pages for your GitHub Projects in seconds ⚑. Join 200+ others now!

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Give your GitHub Project some love.

Gitpages is a free service to help all open source engineers in the world by creating fantastic landing pages for your GitHub Projects.

Gitpages is built to help you save time and share your work creativity with the world πŸŒŽπŸ’™

πŸ‘‡ Built with GitpagesCustomer profile user interface

One file is all you need.

At the heart of Gitpages is your gitpage.yml file.

You decide what elements (we call them blocks) you want to display and we will do the rest. All blocks are highly configurable.

Inbox user interface

A video is worth a million words

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to build landing pages for your projects.

Check out this example built with Gitpages β†’

Why use Gitpages?

Sometimes a isn't enough. Gitpages is easy to set up and allows you to share your work creatively with no design skills.

Quick and easy

Simple to get started. One file is all you need. Choose the blocks and we do the rest.

Flexible API

Pick the styles, components and decide what is rendered. We parse your gitpage.yml file and serve you back a static html file.

Enchance your project files are OK, but why not have a landing page for your project? Landing pages are a great way to showcase your work.


We generate static HTML for your landing pages. Each landing page scores over 90 lighthouse scores.


Blocks are at the heart of what we do. New blocks will be documented and added in the future.

Open Source

Our plans are to Open Source Gitpages. If our sponsor targets are meet we will share the code with the world!

β€œWhen I first heard about Gitpages, instantly thought `Why nobody thought about it before!` but when I saw David publishing updates on Twitter about this progress and ideas, I instantly realized it's going to be much more than just a simple landing page generator. It's going to give every open-source project a beautiful and practical landing page.”

To help promote open source software

Gitpages is FREE.

Additional features will be offered to GitHub sponsors.



Basic features free for all GitHub projects

  • Landing pages for all your GitHub Projects

  • Basic Blocks

  • Cached Website

  • Gitpages Branded

GitHub Sponsor


Sponsor the project to get access to extras

  • Landing pages for all your GitHub Projects

  • Basic + Special Blocks

  • Cached Website

  • No Gitpages branding

  • Theming

  • Custom scripts

  • Video tutorials

  • And more...

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