My name is Dave Boyne, the creator of Gitpages.app. I want to share with you a quick introduction and reasons why Gitpages.app is being developed, what you can expect and how you can help.


Contributing and reading open source work inspires me. The connections we build, problems we solve and ideas generated are amazing.

Over the past few years I have been contributing to open-source and I always try to accompany my GitHub projects with landing pages.

Landing pages for projects are a great way to express your thoughts and creativity.

But creating landing pages can be time consuming. Especially when you have so many other things to do. That’s why I wanted to create a tool that easily allow people to create landing pages with zero effort and offer the creativity a landing page can offer.

Nobody wants to spend all their time building and maintaining landing pages, especially if they just want to focus on their project.

Gitpages.app is a simple, efficient way for open source project owners to generate pages for their projects that look and feel professional.

How it works

  1. Create your gitpage.yml file (choose your blocks) and save in your GitHub project.
  2. Visit gitpages.com (with your repo in the url)
  3. Have a landing page generated 🎉

Why is it free?

I want to give something back to the open source community and offer this tool free to everybody around the world creating open source projects.

Landing pages are a great way to share creativity, ideas and thoughts. Building them takes time. Gitpages will remove the effort and allow engineers to tap into this creativity.

Although it’s going to be hard and challenging, I’m experimenting with a sponsor model for Gitpages. Sponsors of the project will get access to extra features for their landing pages.

My goal is to reach my sponsorship goal for Gitpages and make all premium features available to all projects around the world for FREE.

How can you support now?

I’m not going to lie, this is an ambitious project.

But I feel with the support of the open source community we can make this work.

As I’m developing this project I will build everything in public, my thoughts, failures and successes will all be shared.

I would be greatful for anyone to help with trying Gitpages out on their projects and providing any feedback.

If you would like to be part of this journey withme, please sign up to the early access to get updates and beta access.

If you would like to join the community feel free to join us on discord

What will you get if you sign up to the Early Access?

  • Beta Access for your GitHub Project.
  • Access to beta features.
  • Access to a community (slack at some point).
  • Email updates on how the project is going, failures and success stories.
  • We will connect and build something great.

How can you follow the work?

You will be able to find me on Twitter where I will share my thoughts and progress as I go. I will also be sharing updates on my blog.

Final Thoughts

I’m passionate about open source work and want to give something back, something that may not be possible, but the challenge is there and I believe it's all possible.

I want to offer everyone on the planet a tool to enhance their creativity and give them the ability to quickly create landing pages for every GitHub project.

Landing pages take time to build, Gitpages.app solves that problem.

Gitpages.app will be FREE to all open source GitHub projects in the world.

Gitpages will help engineers all over the world.