Customise your landing page: Gitpage Blocks

Creating landing pages for your GitHub project is effortless.

You can get setup within minutes.

Gitpages uses "blocks" to build landing pages. You choose which blocks to render, give it some properties and Gitpages will render your landing page.

With blocks you can choose which block to render, how it's rendered and the order of your blocks.

Gitpages knows if you make changes to your blocks and will re-render your landing page for you.


How do blocks work?

Blocks are the heart of Gitpages. Create your gitpage.yml file in your GitHub project and choose which blocks you want to use.

Some of the blocks provided by Gitpages

All blocks can be customised, themed and ordered. All blocks will be documented with code examples for you to simply copy and paste.

Gitpages is designed to help open source engineers across the world build landing pages for their GitHub projects.


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