Open Source: Gitpages and Sponsorware

Gitpages is built to help people across the world build landing pages for their GitHub projects.

Gitpages is and will always be FREE for people across the world, and additional features are offered to those that sponsor the project.

Sponoring the project allows me to continue supporting Gitpages and providing everyone with new blocks over time.

Gitpages is using sponsorware.

Once the project meets it's targets with sponsors, the whole project will be open source!


What do you get as a sponsor?

As a sponsor to the project you will get access to:

  • Advanced Blocks for sponsors only
  • Detailed video tutorials on how to use GitPages (for the visual learners)
  • Examples of Gitpage.yml files to get up and running within seconds
  • And more!
Some of the blocks provided by Gitpages

Gitpages is still in development and will be released soon. If you could like to become a sponsor please get in touch!


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