Quick and Easy: Zero effort Landing Pages for your GitHub Projects

The goal of Gitpages is to offer all open source engineers in the world a new way to share their projects online.

Ambious right?

README.md files in GitHub Projects are a great way to document thoughts and instructions for end users but we feel they limit creativity.

What if we told you that you could create a landing page for your GitHub project in seconds?

What if we told you it's faster to create landing pages than README.md files?

Gitpages is the future for your GitHub projects.


How does Gitpages work?

Everything starts with your gitpage.yml file in your GitHub project.

Example of gitpage.yml file

Once you create your gitpage.yml file you visit gitpages.app and we will generate your landing page for you. Any change you make will be automatically updated.

Your landing page is served as static HTML which means is lightning fast! This means you can choose to let us host it for you or host it yourself.


So if this sounds interesting, feel free to sign up for early access today!

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